With Sophora, editorial teams create, connect, curate and publish relevant stories. We develop Sophora CMS together with leading media houses.

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Sophora is based on modules and services. Some are part of the core, some are optional add-ons.

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Seven Content Management Success Stories

Reach More Than One Billion Page Impressions A Month With Pure News Content

Sophora meets the high standards of, including timeliness, quality, and reach – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Makes Headlines with Sophora

Build the Television of the Future

Reach new audiences with on demand videos plus background information. ZDFmediathek and Run with Sophora

Create The Most Successful and Controversial German News App

Tagesschau’s app was downloaded over 4,8 million times (as of November 2012) and held the lead for most downloaded apps for several weeks. Thanks to Sophora, content for mobile device users is published without further editorial overhead. Sophora CMS Powers Tagesschau App

Keep Your Editors Happy

If your content really is “king”, then you must give your editors a tool to support them in efficiently creating good stories. As the features are similar among all high-end CMS, it is becoming increasingly important how these features are implemented. For more and more professional editors, Sophora is therefore the first choice due to its user-friendly structure. Sophora Modules & Features

Consolidate The Online Infrastructure Of Your Organizations

At the WDR, there was an entire zoo of content management systems, including TeamSite, Typo3, and a proprietary CMS. With the introduction of Sophora, as the central CMS, the structures were more clearly defined, reducing costs and awakening the dormant potential synergies of their editorial teams. Feel the Harmony of the Entire WDR with Sophora

Keeping The Focus On The Content

Sophora brings a proven editorial concept that was developed in collaboration with some of the most successful Germany online editors. Furthermore the program is in a constant state of development and improvement to meet new marketplace demands.

Successfully Implement A New Brand Strategy

Since the NDR consolidated from 11 websites to 1 with Sophora, viewer traffic has only increased. The Fastest Website in the North - NDR Website

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How is Sophora Different?

Usability in the Newsroom and On-the-go

Desktop and mobile editing clients with excellent usability.

True Multichannel Publishing

Multichannel capability with no restrictions on editor creativity.

Rock Solid

Robust, standards-based architecture with independent delivery servers to ensure greater performance, scalability and fail-safe operation with reduced risk.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid implementation thanks to comprehensive straight-out-of-the-box functions for simple and flexible configuration.

Worth Every Penny

Optimal price/performance ratio due to a simple licensing model without processor lock-in and with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Recommended by Clients

Clients recommend Sophora. Sophora has been slowly replacing "analyst recommended", "market leading" and "headless" CMS. And our clients stick with us.

Sophora At Work

BR Klassik website

BR-Klassik: Sophora Makes Music

Bayerischer Rundfunk’s portal for classical, jazz, film and world music runs on subshell’s CMS.

Sportschau Olympics website

Dynamic Tension at

Olympics Online of ARD and the CMS Sophora make the Olympic Games come alive.

NDR  liveblog

Live Blog at Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Real-time-reporting: Sophora's live blog ensures fast publishing and editing of posts.


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