What's New in Sophora 4

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Dear Sophora Users, our new Sophora release is here. Since our of Sophora 3, we have updated many features and settings. And we also have two new add-ons for you.


Users, Roles and Document Types are Sophora Documents

We have converted the document types as well as the users and roles into normal Sophora documents. This gives these documents a version history. In addition, users and roles can be extended with their own fields, imported and exported, and provided with specific rights. With this conversion, we thus conclude our process of standardization. With this change, all entities in Sophora are now also Sophora documents. This will enable us to even better develop Sophora in the future.

The important thing here is that you don't have to migrate the Sophora repositories. Sophora will automatically convert users, roles and document types for you when you upgrade to Sophora version 4.

Sophora Runs Completely on Java 11

Sophora 4 runs completely on Oracle JDK 11 and OpenJDK 11, and we no longer support versions 8 to 10. However, we benefit from the new possibilities offered by Java 11. Important note: besides Oracle Java, you can use free Java distributions, e.g. OpenJDK.

Two New Modules


Improved DeskClient with Various Updates and New Technologies

For Editors:

You can now upload pictures in the DeskClient in all variants with the same aspect ratio at the same time. This speeds up your work, especially if you need many image variations.

For Developers and Administrators:

If you want to support workflows that are not related to single documents, the DeskClient scripts can now be started independently of a document context. The WDR uses this function to create urgent messages. These scripts appear in the main menu under "Tools".

The document types can now be exported in isolation, without standard configurations, form field groups, etc. This helps you when you want to save the data model in a version control system such as Git.

The password fields in tab and preview documents can now be stored in the server settings. This is even more secure.

For select values that are fed from documents, the label of the input field is linked to the selected document. This way you can quickly get further information.

MobileClient: Set Image cropping and Other Major Improvements

Set the cropping frame of all individual image variants in the MobileClient.

Upload your own images for individual image variations, also for those with the same aspect ratio at the same time.

You can now get information about system metadata in the compact "Document Information" window, including metadata (configurable), references and components.

The search options are clearer and more consistent.

Quickly access your most recently edited documents in the new "Recent" view ("Recent Documents").

Change your personal account settings directly in the MobileClient.

Filter the search result according to the status of documents.

Actions are improved. You can now also delete documents directly in the MobileClient. Publish and other actions can now also be performed directly in the search results and when curating components.

Configure which search options are visible (for administrators).

Admin Dashboard

With a 3-day and 12-hour view for diagrams, you now have an even better overview.

The Admin Dashboard better supports embedded tools running under HTTPS. You can also have a clear view of these tools in the Admin Dashboard.

The Admin Dashboard runs easier than ever in Docker containers.


In the EPG view, special properties of a document can be visualized with icons, e.g. to see the documents directly for which you still have to enter certain properties.

The EPG module can now also handle “show-in-shows”.


We have changed the Importer to "Spring Boot". The Importer is therefore now based on modern technology. And you can more easily configure the Importer ("YAML").

Important note: you have to adapt the configuration files of the Importer with the update.

The Importer now has a health check.

Social Media Quote

You can also conveniently quote from TicTok, Vimeo, Spotify and Giphy with Social Media Quote.


TableStar now calculates special tournament calculations as used by the NBA, NFL etc.

TableStar calculates the team rankings depending on the number of games played.


We have extended the manipulation filters of the UGC Module.

YouTube Connector

The YouTube Connector now integrates better with Akamai, for example, when removing videos from the Akamai cache.

The YouTube-Connector now processes newly published videos with higher priority than deleted videos. So even "mass deletions" won't get in your way when you publish videos on YouTube.

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