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Christopher doing yoga

Sport is not a killer…

Home office is a cool thing, but I notice that I miss my daily exercise.

Christopher Ost
By Christopher Ost 5/19/22
A laptop computer in a dark room

Is Sophora affected by Log4j vulnerability?

Update on Log4j and the Java-based CMS Sophora. What you need to know.

Team subshell
By Team subshell 12/14/21
Preparing the insect hotel

subshell Summer Festival 2021

The pandemic continues to have us all firmly in its grip, and so this year we again had to come to terms with an online version of our annual summer event.

Celina Becker
By Celina Becker 9/24/21
The students in subshell's virtual office at the digital Girls’ Day

Digital Girls'Day at subshell

Future Female Software Developers?

  • Isabelle Dakowitz
  • Carola Christoffel
By Isabelle Dakowitz & Carola Christoffel 5/25/21
Conference room in the subshell office

One year of the pandemic - A look back at the past year of work at subshell

The pandemic has been with us for just under a year now, and with it, working from home - it's really not a reason to celebrate, but it is an occasion to reflect.

Hêvi Sari
By Hêvi Sari 2/18/21
Go Mascot "Gopher" and Go Source Code

Implementing Functional State Machines with Go

Use features of the Go language to improve the clarity of state machine source code.

Maik Schreiber
By Maik Schreiber 1/15/21
subshell Bell

21 Years of subshell

In April 2020, subshell celebrated its 21st anniversary.

Hêvi Sari
By Hêvi Sari 8/19/20
Sophora CMS Versioning Scheme: Major-Minor-Patch

The new version scheme of Sophora

With the change from Sophora 2.5 to Sophora 3, the version number scheme changes. With the new version scheme, we try to make it clearer what to expect when upgrading.

Jens Theeß
By Jens Theeß 2/20/20
Oneko User Interface


O-Neko runs within Kubernetes and makes it possible to deploy development states of software.

Team Weasel
By Team Weasel 9/26/19
Teletext with Sophora

Teletext with Sophora

Old-school technology meets modern software development.

Jan  Rieke
By Jan Rieke 10/11/18
Sophora DeskClient: Synchronize with Editor

Lab Day: And the winner is …

We asked our colleague Carola Christoffel about her winning Lab Day project.

Melanie Frischat
By Melanie Frischat 9/10/18
Carola, developer at subshell

Take off with subshell

Carola reports on her start at work.

Hêvi Sari
By Hêvi Sari 2/27/18
subshell's JIRA-based Accounting Software "Billi"

JIRA based Accounting and Billing at subshell

Time intensive tasks are the worst thing that can happen to you at work.

Melanie Frischat
By Melanie Frischat 12/15/17