subshell and the Environment

subshell works responsibly and sustainably.

Sophora Tree at Hamburg's Alster Lake
Sophora Tree at Hamburg's Alster Lake (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Environmental protection is an integral part of our company policy and is based on international standards.

As part of this process, subshell continually reviews and evaluates the environmental aspects of its work and the environmental goals to adjust its actions accordingly.

Some examples include: we use the necessary resources in an economical and environmentally aware fashion, and avoid waste and then dispose of it properly. When selecting our work materials and the office equipment we give precedence to products with the most environmentally friendly production, use and disposal possibilities.

subshell strives for the continuous improvement of environmental protection over and above statutory requirements. To this end, we have integrated our environmental management as agile process, with clear responsibilities in our daily workflow.

Some key points:

  • subshell has very low average CO2 emissions per employee.
  • We promote an on-going open team based discussion on the subject of environmental protection and give all employees the opportunity to be involved.
  • subshell avoids (indirect) emissions and compensates (indirect) emissions.
  • subshell purchases green electricity from a regional provider.
  • Our employees travel by train to their client meetings when possible – subshell provides the BahnCards, the discount train ticket subscription service.
  • When we have to fly, the CO2 compensation of a flight is an integral part of the business trip.
  • We order our hardware from a medium-sized, regional provider.
  • Our non-critical servers are located at a provider with CO2 neutral hosting.
  • 90% of the paper we use is recycled.
  • We drink a lot of coffee - but it is all 100 % fair trade coffee.
  • We only get our fresh fruit from organic farms.
  • And last, but not least, almost the entire subshell team commutes to work by bicycle or by public transportation. Our employees can use the HVV ProfiCard, which is subsidized by subshell.
Title image: subshell/CC BY