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Become an Sophora expert. We offer a range of professional training and certificates for Administrators, Consultants, Trainers and Developers.

Sophora Certified Client Developer
Learn to to extend the Sophora DeskClient.
Sophora Certified Architect
Learn to plan the setup of a Sophora infrastructure.
Sophora Certified Delivery Developer
Learn how to develop sites and apps using the Sophora-delivery-infrastructure.
Sophora Certified Administrator
Learn how to configure the DeskClient and how to design and implement Sophora-document-models.
Sophora Certified Server Developer
Learn how to to extend the Sophora Server's functions.
Sophora Certified DeskClient Trainer
Learn how to explain the concepts and features of the Sophora DeskClient to your editorial staff.

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Relevant Modules

Depending on the training, the following modules may be of interest to you.