Team subshell

Here we introduce you to our wonderful teams.

The subshell teams range in size and all are experts in their respective fields. The teams keep each other up to date during various meetings such as the team exchange meeting, the technical team meeting, the lighthouse meetings, and demos. Each team has its own team budget to be used, for example, for escape room visits, animal sponsorships, social projects, or joint dinners. The following texts are individual team introductions, in their own words.


Team Octopus

  • Founded: 2023
  • Projects and Topics: build infrastructure, git server (gitlab), systems development and networks
  • Technologies used: Terraform, Ansible, Google Cloud, and anything with network ports
"We design, manage, and enjoy subshell’s infrastructure and we are committed to making certain that everyone can work smoothly & efficiently. As a team, we are active both at our office and in the Google Cloud, where we use a lot of our Kubernetes and cloud knowledge to host our systems. When it comes to the future of subshell’s products, including Sophora and others, we share our expertise in various concept meetings. We are also happy to be asked by our colleagues for help and support, which we provide with our real eight arms and four heads when and where we can. We don't solve all problems ourselves, but instead rely on sharing our knowledge in workshops and empowering all teams to overcome challenges by themselves. Last but not least, we are always happy for new challenges in our work and, of course, for the chance to grow."


Team Koala

  • Founded: 10.01.2022
  • Projects and topics: User generated content, mapping projects from Sophora to Sophora Metadata Supplier, other customer projects
  • Technologies and tools: Java, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Angular, GCP, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Maven, Sonar, Lombok, JUnit, Mockito
"As of January 10, 2022, the subshell family is richer with the addition of Team Koala. We don't hang out in trees all day like our namesake, but we work all the fluffier together when it comes to our customers and our product UGC (User Generated Content). Thanks to our fondness for American football and the NFL, we built our own Sophora-based betting game, which we use internally to bet on the game results. Quite atypical for koala bears, some of us trek 100 kilometers in 24 hours yearly when we participate in the “Megamarsch”. More often, however, we get together in the afternoon for a virtual coffee chat, either to share the latest news from home office or to discuss deeper social issues. Currently, we take care of some customized products and parts of Sophora. We particularly enjoy taking intensive care of our product UGC. With this application, editors can manage comments from users as well as organize contests, ratings, and quizzes. The annual highlight is when UGC is used for the Eurovision Song Contest. With us, there is not only backend but also a bit of frontend development. Together with the use of the Google Cloud, this readily results in quite a colorful mix of task areas. Technically, we have some expertise in cyber security and the team also works with all three major operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS."

Team Komodo

  • Founded: 23.05.2014
  • Projects and topics: Sophora Importer, Spring Data Sophora, Sophora Web App Framework, Sophora Image Service, Teletext Generator, TableStar
  • Technologies and tools: Java, Spring Boot, Lombok, JUnit, Mockito, IntelliJ/Eclipse, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Sonar, GCP
"According to Wikipedia, komodo dragons or monitors are primarily loners, and you certainly don't want to mess with them. In contrast, us Komodos are generally quite friendly, and we have strong team spirit. And we are a bit cleaner than our namesake since we also don't spread excrement in our offices to mark our territory! We develop the foundation for many current projects in the Sophora environment with our work on Spring Data Sophora and the Web App Framework. In addition, our project Sophora Image Service has proven itself in-use with initial customers with its reliable, high-performance delivery of images in various sizes and formats. Our periodical team events are important to us. In the past, we have had some tough but hearty paintball duels, and we have hit each other over the head with golf clubs. Joint puzzle solving at escape rooms is no longer a tough challenge for us and no team member was left behind so far. And our regular poker games over beer and pizza have almost become a tradition for our team."

Team Korora

  • Founded: 2015
  • Projects and topics: Media library and audio library projects, Sophora in the cloud, video workflow systems, other customer projects
  • Technologies and tools: Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Docker, Vue.js, Git/GitLab, Jenkins, Maven, Sonar
"We Kororas are about 40 centimeters tall and weigh on average about a kilogram. At least that's true for the real little penguins that live in colonies in New Zealand. Our colony, on the other hand, lives in Hamburg and its surrounding area and is both heavier and larger than the cutest penguin species of all. We are certainly cute at times, but most of all, we really stick together. When we're not working, some of us join up to live out our love of baking, play pen & paper role-playing games, or rock out on various musical instruments. Or you can find us enjoying various physical activities; hiking, running, kayaking, biking, and yoga are some of our favorites. From a technical point of view, we deal with topics such as audio and media libraries, program data import and video workflow. On the technical side, we work a lot in the cloud, supporting our customers' operations and working on web apps for presenting content that editorial teams have entered via our Sophora CMS. Overall, you'll find a healthy mix of software development and DevOps in our team. If you want to join us, then apply and become part of our penguin colony!"

Team Vegas

  • Founded: 06/18/2012
  • Projects and topics: Sophora DeskClient, Sophora Metadata Supplier for ARD Mediathek/Audiothek and various mapping projects from Sophora to Sophora Metadata Supplier, AV-Tool, Toromiro
  • Technologies and tools: Java, Eclipse RCP, SWT, JFace, Nebula, JxBrowser, RCPTT, Spring Boot, Maven, Maven Tycho, Git, Jenkins, Sonar, Lombok, JUnit, AspectJ, Mockito
"Hi there! We are Team Vegas and the only team at subshell that doesn't have an animal as a team name! Instead, we have our own private ball pit which we regularly use as a training ground for mental sorting algorithms. Thanks to our creativity and our strong team spirit, we have already been able to get out of many escape rooms, both virtual and in real life. If you enjoy developing GUIs/frontends, like donuts, are familiar with Java, the Eclipse IDE and, most importantly, Eclipse Rich Client Platform or Spring Boot, as well as enjoy taking extended ball baths with 5000 balls and 2 little piggies, you've come to the right place!"

Team Weasel

  • Founded: 2012
  • Projects and topics: Sophora Server, Sophora Client, Sophora MobileClient, Sophora Indexing Service, Sophora in the Cloud, O-Neko
  • Technologies and tools: Java, Spring Boot, Maven, TypeScript, Angular, Git, Jenkins, GitLab, Sonar, Docker, Kubernetes
"For us, the office is almost like being at home with friends, relaxing together on the sofa. We are several people and a common weasel, which we sponsor at a small zoo. At subshell, we build the extensive backend for large editorial departments, including ARD, ZDF and others. From the core of our product, to search backends and web editorial clients, creating sophisticated software is at the heart of our team since 2012. We are on a first name basis with our clients, exchange memes and discuss our software’s new features with them. We live out our curiosity in the cloud and are the main Kubernetes driver at subshell. We wrestle for consensus, criticize each other, grow together and, in the end, get along so well despite our conflicts (or because of them), that we regularly spend our free time together at (also virtual) game nights or beer brewing events. Even when tricky topics come up, every opinion is heard, and it makes us proud that most members of our team have been at subshell for over 5 years. Our working environment supports our individual personal development and makes us an effective team with an interdisciplinary bent. Swipe right!"

Office Management

Team Katta

  • Founded: 1999
  • Projects, topics and tasks: Office management, human resources management, invoicing, processing incoming orders, processing incoming and outgoing mail and correspondence (both post and e-mail), ordering office supplies and equipment, managing team budgets, accounting
"We kattas or ring-tailed lemurs actually live on the warm, dry island of Madagascar. We are diurnal, sociable creatures who live in groups - where the females are in charge - and we have a fixed territory. A few female kattas, on the other hand, have found their home in the northern city of Hamburg, in the Office Management Team at subshell. We not only juggle the usual organizational and administrative balls, but we also regularly roam our territory to make certain that our subshell colleagues don't want for anything. We also are the interface for the Barracudas and Guanacos and support them in their work."

People & Culture

Team Guanako

  • Founded: 03.2022
  • Projects and topics: Application management, corporate social responsibility, event planning, health management, internal communication, moderation, junior staff development, networking, onboarding and offboarding, subshell blog, talent search
  • Technologies and tools: Facilitation tools, organizational tools such as Trello, Jira, Google Workspace and Personio, and design tools such as Miro and Jamboard, SoSci Survey, Sophora CMS
"As ancestors of llamas, guanacos are very sensitive, calm, attentive and friendly animals. There are even said to be llamas in Sweden guarding flocks of sheep! We guanacos in HafenCity, on the other hand, tend our subshell herd and act as an interface between all teams, ensuring satisfaction, balance, and cohesion at subshell. We have existed in our current constellation since March 2022. We are moderators, event planners, and solution finders, as well as talent promoters and young talent locaters, and we act as a place to air grievances and offer praise. We have written occupational health and safety, diversity, sustainability, and transparency into our corporate credo and are always in close contact with all subshellers."

Project Management

Team Barracuda

  • Founded: 2016
  • Projects and Topics: support for all subshell customers and internal development teams
  • Technologies and tools: pen and paper, Jira, MS Teams, Google Meet, MS Office, and sometimes Photoshop
"Our team has sharp teeth and a large mouth. We are the Barracudas and we have a plan. We fuse knowledge of diverse industries, from business informatics to pop music, from media to tourism, advertising and computer science. We were united by subshell and are the interface between customer and development teams. Together, we form a school that, in addition to the day-to-day business, educates itself through internal Barracuda Academy Meetings, raises awareness about issues such as women's advancement and equality (before there was the People & Culture team, aka Team Guanako), and generally works to ensure that everyone learns to be understanding and can be understood. Although our days and meetings can be very long, we don't refrain from getting together after work for a game of Codenames and to catch up on favorite TV series and vacations."