SEO Check

SEO Check Add-on

The "SEO Check" module supports the editorial team in the on-page content optimization of individual documents in the Sophora CMS.

Sophora SEO Check
Sophora SEO Check (Image: subshell/CC BY)

The SEO Check module checks the documents for occurrences of SEO keywords, readability, cross-linking and multimedia. Additionally, the SEO Check shows relevant information about the document.

The "SEO Check" module is fully integrated into familiar editorial processes and has the following advantages over comparable SEO tools:

  • The editorial team can optimize the documents before publishing.
  • The documents do not have to be sent to an external application for optimization.
  • The checks and their weighting are configurable.
  • An exact analysis of the structured copytext is included.
  • The existing document model can remain unchanged.
  • Customers and subshell work closely together on further development.



  • SEO score, divided by keywords, document, links, text, images, media

Keyword checks and information

  • Keywords
  • Synonyms
  • Automatically extracted keywords
  • Uniqueness of combined keywords
  • Related keywords (Source: Bing Webmaster Tools)
  • Search queries in Google Search (Source: Google Search Console)
Sophora SEO Check: Info
Sophora SEO Check: Info (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Document checks

  • Length of the ID stem
  • Keywords in the Sophora ID
  • Blocked keywords in the Sophora ID
  • Uniqueness of the ID stem
  • Uniqueness of the title (configurable)
  • Keywords in fields such as headline, description, etc. (fields configurable)
  • Length of text in fields such as headline, description etc. (fields configurable)
Sophora SEO Check: Document checks
Sophora SEO Check: Document checks (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Text checks (Copy)

  • Length of the text
  • Length of the sentences
  • Length of the paragraphs
  • Keywords in the first paragraph
  • Readability
  • Length of the sections - sections are separated by subheadings
  • Keyword density
  • Keywords in the subheadings
  • Transitions in the sentences
  • Start of the sentences
  • Keywords in bold text


  • Images
  • Suggestions for images
  • Keywords in captions (fields configurable, e.g. title, alt text)
  • Keywords in the Sophora ID of the images
Sophora SEO Check: Image checks
Sophora SEO Check: Image checks (Image: subshell/CC BY)


  • Audios or videos
  • Maximum number of videos in the text
  • Keywords in the Sophora ID of the videos in the text
  • Keywords in media texts (fields configurable, e.g. caption)

Integration with other applications: REST API

  • Access to selected results, such as score and readability, via REST API


  • Document types to be checked
  • Check on or off
  • Values of the check
  • Weighting of the check for the score
  • Fields to which the checks should refer
  • Synonym list for keywords
  • Block list for keywords
  • Automatic keyword extraction settings: stop word list, separator list
  • Configuration per structure node and document type


- Java 11
- Sophora 4.x and higher
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