The DeskClient brings pro content management to your desktop.

The DeskClient brings pro professional, top-level content management to your desktop. The Sophora DeskClient integrates the creating, editing, curating and publishing of your content. The DeskClient features native drag and drop, high flexibility and instant feedback - far from the distractions of your browser.

New and Noteworthy

For Developers and Administrators:

If you want to support workflows that are not related to single documents, the DeskClient scripts can now be started independently of a document context. The WDR uses this function to create urgent messages. These scripts appear in the main menu under "Tools".
The document types can now be exported in isolation, without standard configurations, form field groups, etc. This helps you when you want to save the data model in a version control system such as Git.

For Editors:

You can now upload pictures in the DeskClient in all variants with the same aspect ratio at the same time. This speeds up your work, especially if you need many image variations.
The password fields in tab and preview documents can now be stored in the server settings. This is even more secure.
For select values that are fed from documents, the label of the input field is linked to the selected document. This way you can quickly get further information.

+++ New in Previous Sophora Versions +++

New functions from previous Sophora Versions.

Excel Export of Search Results

Search results can now be exported as Excel files. For this purpose, we have extended the already existing search result export with the menu option "Excel". When "Excel" is selected, it is then possible on the second page to select fields to be exported to Excel.

Improved Sticky Notes

Sophora's sticky notes are a popular way for Sophora editors to comment on documents internally in the DeskClient. Tools such as the Importer can also automatically write sticky notes. Therefore, some documents have a lot of sticky notes. We took the resulting quantity of sticky notes into account. The most recent sticky note is always displayed first and on top, which reduces unnecessary scrolling. It is also now possible to quickly browse through the sticky notes. In addition, all sticky notes can be deleted at once.

More Consistent User Interface

As always, we have improved some details on the DeskClient user interface. The look of the search and filter input fields has been unified, the display of the feeds is more consistent and that of the component tab is lighter due to the absence of dividers. The DeskClient also has better support for large displays with HiDPI/Retina resolution. And the position of the search button in the search function can now be configured to "right" or "left".

DeskClient with Internal Chromium-Browser

The internal browser in the DeskClient is no longer based on the outdated Internet Explorer and is now based on Chromium from Google. To achieve that, we have built in the commercial JXBrowser. Our goal is to provide for a better integration of modern HTML5 and JavaScript applications in the DeskClient.

Important: To be able to use the JXBrowser, you must use a Java distribution that supports JavaFX; otherwise Internet Explorer will continue to be used.

DeskClient with Java 11

The DeskClient runs on all supported platforms with Java 11. Currently, Java 11 is optional. With the next Sophora release, the use of Java 11 will be mandatory as we want to benefit from the new possibilities of Java 11. Important to know for our customers is that in addition to Oracle Java, it is also possible to use free Java distributions, e.g. OpenJDK. For further information, see the article in our blog. In addition to the Java update, we have renewed the Eclipse Target platform and updated Spring to version 5.




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