The DeskClient brings pro content management to your desktop.

Sophora DeskClient: Editor and Preview
Sophora DeskClient: Editor and Preview (Image: subshell/CC BY)

The DeskClient brings pro professional, top-level content management to your desktop. The Sophora DeskClient integrates the creating, editing, curating and publishing of your content. The DeskClient features native drag and drop, high flexibility and instant feedback - far from the distractions of your browser.

Easy writer

Sophora's editor offers exactly what you need, no more and no less.

Copy & paste, paragraph and text formatting, lists, links to other sites and an integrated, upgradeable global spell check are standard features with Sophora.

Our table editor ensures barrier-free table generation.

All commands can be initiated via a menu or by using familiar shortcuts.
You can simply drag & drop other Sophora content into your text, no matter whether images, picture galleries, video or audio.

Find it Fast.

Scan your database. With Sophora, you can identify the precise content you are looking for from among millions of documents.

For ease of use, the search function is fully integrated into your working process and provides results in fractions of a second in a readable form.

Of course, search results can be further filtered according to specific users, document types, keywords or publishing states.

You can then edit search results in Sophora directly by rapidly opening documents, adding articles to home pages via drag & drop or placing images in texts.

Naturally, Sophora saves your favorite searches and history.

Integrated Image Editing

Editing images in Sophora is child’s play. Sophora automatically extracts the IPTC metadata from an uploaded image and generates all image versions required from large banners to small teasers. In addition, you can select the appropriate detail, image quality, and sharpness for each version.

Image Placement, Simplified

No time lost while adding and positioning images into texts. With Sophora, you can simply combine the two. Each image can be dragged and dropped to the selected paragraph; the document structure is retained. With Sophora, the shortcomings of conventional CMS and word processing programs are a thing of the past.

Curator - Curate and Compile Content

Compile homepages, galleries, playlists and other lists with Drag and Drop.

DIY! Creating Pages with Drag & Drop

With an innovated drag & drop function, Sophora allows you to compile a home page from available documents faster than ever before.

The process is streamlined: open an article, start a search, and drag the relevant content to the “Components” section. Finished!

You can also use this method to create slide shows or add related content to your articles.

Sophora ensures that all changes to a source document are passed on to each reference – no matter whether you have reworked the teaser text or completely removed the document.

Leads and news in Sophora are always up to date and “dead” links are a thing of the past.

Homepages, Automated

Not enough time to manually compile a home page?

Don’t worry; you can create a filter in Sophora with a range of search parameters. This filter is then used to find the latest relevant articles and to display them on a home or feature page.

Leads and news in Sophora are always up to date and “dead” links are a thing of the past.

Override: The Perfect Fit

Can your content be adapted to the context? Of course it can – with Sophora.

Shorten a teaser for a specific home page, customize its tone with a few changes for a different target group… you decide which fields of the original document to override.

Sophora helps by highlighting the altered content, keeping everything clear and simple.

Of course, you can revert to the original content at any time.


Easily build forms yourself with the Sophora form editor.

Forms are used by editors in Sophora for a variety of purposes, for example, for entering and compiling contact information, service inquiries, competitions, surveys or for the possibility of uploading pictures and applications by users. With the form editor, editors get an easy-to-use function to both create forms and to adapt them to their own needs.

The form editor gives editorial staff freedom in the design of form fields, such as the adjustment of the field length or the individual placement of form fields, and provides basic actions such as reordering, creating and deleting form fields.

Dynamic Tables for Data Tables

Ultimate Flexibility for data tables.

With Sophora’s dynamic tables you can manage data tables with speed and flexibility. Producing interactive features, including saving elections results and systematizing sales figures has never been this straightforward. Even processing data sheets and displaying poll findings are quick and easy processes.

Sophora simplifies your work by offering mandatory fields, values for selection, validations and link creation via drag & drop.

Structured saving of table data allows information to be flexibly evaluated and dynamically displayed. All tables are of course fully compatible with imports so you can also easily use content from external sources.

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