EPG Add-on

For convenient processing and enrichment of program data in the CMS, there is the Sophora module EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

Sophora EPG: Rundown View and Show
Sophora EPG: Rundown View and Show (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Today’s Television Program Can Do More: TV magazines were a popular medium a few years ago in order to obtain information about the current television program. Today, the television program is retrieved online more frequently.

People interested in radio and television inform themselves about the current program on web portals. The resulting benefit: Broadcasters are providing additional information about their program as well as offering videos on demand and live streams relating the program. Also visitors of the website can see program changes at any time.

Sophora EPG: EPG at NDR
Sophora EPG: EPG at NDR (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Sophora CMS supports online editorial departments of radio and television broadcasting in processing and enrichment of program data. The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) add-on compiles program data easily.

An integrated show list ensures that shows can be searched and filtered by program and day.

Moreover, program overlapping and gaps can be identified and rectified in time with Sophora.

With a show list and built-in plausibility check, the EPG module offers two useful tools for editors.

The show list is a special view in Sophora’s editor  that allows you to search or filter shows by program and/or day. The view then displays the list of shows at a glance. The show list displays  if a show is to be repeated, what the show’s document workflow status is and whether the show is marked as a program tip or program change.

The module includes a plausibility check and real-time presentation of inconsistencies: Sophora proactively detects the occurrence of overlaps and gaps and then marks them accordingly. Free broadcast slots are continually updated and recognizable for the editors at first glance.

Manage and Publish Program Data with Sophora EPG: Highlights & Benefits

  • Show List: Sophora’s show list creates clarity. An integrated view enables to search and filter radio broadcast and telecast by program and day. Subsequently, all broadcastings are listed in a structured manner. The show list includes the already known Sophora icons, which indicate, whether the broadcasting will be repeated, the processing status or whether the broadcasting is marked as a program tip or program change
  • Plausibility Check: The plausibility check discover and informs about inconsistencies within the show list. Sophora proactively notifies overlaps and gaps and marked these ones accordingly. Free broadcasting slots are continuously updated and easily recognizable at first sight
  • Document Types: For processing program data Sophora provides various document types that are customized to the individual needs of an online editorial department. Possible templates can be document types for a program or station of a television or radio station
  • Template Mechanism: Shophora CMS contains a template mechanism to create batch input of program data, for instance for radio and television programs
  • Timing: Television comments and broadcastings can be compiled several weeks in advance
  • Import and Export of Program Data: Program data can be imported from external sources with Sophora CMS. Also, the export of program data from Sophora is readily possible
  • Linking of Teletext and Web Content: Sophora editors can use program data for different channels, thus teletext and web contents can be interlinked together
  • Videos and Live Streams: Sophora can link videos on demand and live streams with respective programs. Visitors of the website not only get information about date, time and content of a broadcasting, but also can watch their broadcasting via live stream or reruns

New and Noteworthy

In the EPG view, special properties of a document can be visualized with icons, e.g. to see the documents directly for which you still have to enter certain properties.
The EPG module can now also handle “show-in-shows”.

+++ New in Previous Sophora Versions +++

New functions from previous Sophora Versions.

Multi-Program Display

The EPG module now supports the parallel display of several programs. This is especially useful for planning online live streams, e.g. when during a sports event, different streams are offered at the same time.


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