Take off with subshell

Carola reports on her start at work.

Carola, developer at subshell
Carola, developer at subshell (Image: subshell/CC BY)

We asked our colleague Carola how she liked her start at subshell.

How did you first hear about subshell?

Through a former fellow student who works at subshell. He told me that the company was looking for Java developers. He gave me his card and I applied, which worked.

What was your first impression of subshell when you came to the interview?

I found the colleagues who were there for the interview immediately likeable. Of course, programming skills are required, but if you don't come up with a solution immediately, it's not so tragic at first.

With the help of the others, you then can find the right answer yourself. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere.

How was your start at the company?

Everyone was very courteous, and I immediately felt at home. I am now in the same team as my former fellow student. That made my entry even easier. You are immediately involved in the tasks and can choose what you would like to do.

Although I (still) pester the others with questions, everyone is happy to help. What I also think is good is that we have the opportunity to do pair programming. This means that we work together on a task and can help each other.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

What strikes me in particular is the humorous way we interact, which gives me the feeling that nobody has to pretend here. It's fun to work here.

What would you praise subshell for and what would you wish subshell to do for you?

So far, I only have praise for the fact that you have a competent, helpful team in which you are quickly integrated and to which you can ask questions. I also like the flexible working hours and the work-life balance.

My wish is that we could have even more women in the development teams. It's probably not easy to influence because there aren't so many women applying. But in general, I think it would be good.

Hêvi Sari
Hêvi Sari