Sport is not a killer

Home office is a cool thing, but I notice that I miss my daily exercise.

Christopher doing yoga
Christopher doing yoga (Image: subshell GmbH/All rights reserved)

Going to the kitchen for a cup of tea doesn't replace my bike ride to the ferry to get to the office. My neck aches, my biceps are shrinking, and in the past, I could turn my head a bit more, couldn’t I? Fitness is a must!

Stretch, Breathe, do some Burpees

Luckily, subshell has something that no gym in Hamburg can offer me: a private sports program with my colleagues, from the comfort of my own home, three times a week! Every Tuesday we do yoga to stretch away pain and breathe away stress. On Wednesday mornings, we do early morning sports with stretches to increase shoulder range of motion and arm curls to combat the well-known aches and pains from sitting at a desk. And on Thursday, a tight circuit training with burpees, situps, pushups and much more, which guarantees sore muscles (in a good way) on Friday.

Sport Connects - Even over the Internet

As bizarre as it seems to work out alone in my living room while watching my colleagues exercise via webcam, it does feel good to sweatily complain about the strenuous session with my team members afterwards. "Do your thighs hurt like that, too?" Oh yes, and how! I find it refreshing that our sport session interrupts work - afterwards I go about my next tasks with a clearer head. "Sound Mind, Sound Body" is the motto of a well-known sporting goods manufacturer. This motto also applies very well to subshell!

Christopher Ost
Christopher Ost