DeskClient 5

Sophora DeskClient Update Notes

Instructions for updating from the previous Sophora version.

Automatic Update via Update Site

Update via Update Site
5.0.0Before updating to Sophora 5.0.0An automatic update of the DeskClient via update site from version < 5.0.0 to version >= 5.0.0 is not supported. The DeskClient 5.0.0 must be rolled out separately (e.g. next to existing installations).

Document Type Configuration

Removed features
5.0.0Before updating to Sophora 5.0.0The "Categories" feature ("Schlagworte") has been removed from Sophora. Make sure to replace the input fields of type "Category (multi)" in your property configurations by using the "Tags", "Enhanced Categories" or "Taxonomies" feature.
5.0.0Before updating to Sophora 5.0.0Nodetype icons and icons in selectvalue documents or script documents with the legacy size of 16x16 pixels may not be displayed correctly, e.g. without transparency. These icons must be replaced by 24x24 pixel icons (required since Sophora 2.3.0).

Custom Form Fields/Plugins

Custom DeskClient plugins
5.0.0Plugins providing or accessing form fields must be adapted prior to using them in a DeskClient >= 5.0.0.Since DeskClient versions 2.5.58, 3.1.0 and 4.0.0 the method AbstractFormField.labelLinkActivated() is deprecated. Replace all calls with ((IFormField2) formField).getLabelLinkAction().isPresent().
When providing form fields via the extension point "com.subshell.sophora.eclipse.formInputFields" the attribute labelAsLink must be removed from the tag formInputField.
5.0.0Plugins providing or accessing form fields must be adapted prior to using them in a DeskClient >= 5.0.0.The code structure of the document editor has changed. It was converted to an e4 part. The "globalActionBars" were replaced by handlers for (global) commands.
The constants IEditorPart.PROP_INPUT or IWorkbenchConstants.PROP_INPUT should be replaced with DocumentEditorPart.PROP_DOCUMENT. The method IPropertyFieldConfiguration.getEditorOpener() is now available as IFormFieldSite.getEditorOpener().
Some icons were moved to the new project 'com.subshell.sophora.eclipse.icons'. These icons must now be accessed by IconsPlugin.getIcon() instead of SophoraPlugin.getDefault().getIcon().
If you have other problems let us know so we can help you.
5.0.0Plugins providing EditorComponent must be adapted prior to using them in a DeskClient >= 5.0.0.Change access of getSite().getWorkbenchPart() to getSite().getEditor() for accessing methods of the document editor.
When using an IEditorComponentTabProvider change the parameter of method createEditorPart() to DocumentEditorPart.

Open document by URL in clipboard

5.0.0any timeThe configuration key "openDocumentFromUrl.usePreviews" no longer has any effect. This option to get the UUID of a document by querying the IdForUrlServlet of the previews directly by iterating over the preview URLs of the published preview documents has been removed.
The function to open a document via its URL now uses always the client/server method to get the UUID of a document via its URL.

Native support of Apple ARM architecture (aarch64)

Changes of DeskClient application packaging
5.0.0After updating to Sophora 5.0.0The DeskClient is now also released for the Apple ARM architecture. The corresponding download file is named according to the following scheme: sophora-deskclient-<version>-<product>-macosx.cocoa.aarch64.dmg

Note that the sophora-deskclient-<version>-<product>-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.dmg builds will also work on Apple ARM in compatibility mode.

Predefined version parameters

Manually add new version parameters to select value document "Versionparameters"
5.4.0Before or after updating to Sophora DeskClient 5.4.0In certain cases, the DeskClient automatically applies new version parameters when publishing documents:
  • When publishing documents in the course of a move, the moved document is published with the version parameter publishMoved ("Umverortet").
  • When co-publishing components, the selected documents to be co-published are published with the version parameter publishTransitive ("Mitveröffentlicht").

In order for the corresponding name (instead of the technical value) to appear in the version history of the documents, the value/name pairs must be entered in the Versionsparameters select value document

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