ZDFmediathek and ZDF.de Run with Sophora

ZDF has merged its ZDFmediathek and zdf.de into a shared portal, based on the Sophora CMS.

ZDF publishes the ZDFmediathek using the Sophora content management system

ZDFmediathek (media library) has to withstand high user traffic. Sophora supplies the technical basis for easily accessible TV listings and publishes to all platforms of ZDF.

For implementation, ZDF chose subshell’s CMS, because of both its ability to integrate complex TV program data and to function perfectly during high user traffic.

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is one of Germany’s national public television broadcasters. The nationwide channel ZDF has been broadcasting since April 1963 and remains one of the country’s leading sources of news and programing.

Stable Usability for a Personalized Experience

ZDF’s website is optimized for all relevant devices and third-party platforms and shows its depth at first sight. And for its editors, Sophora solidly supports editorial workflows.

Sophora ensures a stable usability; current programs are available on HBBTV and on many platforms such as Amazon, Apple TV or T-Entertain.

Further functions include a personalized, simple usage of the ZDFmediathek and archives, as well as a fast search function.

Sophora is the ideal basis for the new ZDF-presence, because it is reliable and robust and enables the operation of extensive workloads.
— Jan Boddin, subshell, CEO, Owner

Nonlinear Supplement of ZDF Programs

An appealing new design and optimized user guidance speak for the ZDFmediathek. It allows for direct access to the daily news program “Heute Journal”, TV movies and series, as well as to popular formats such as the comedy show “heute-show” and “NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE” per one click.

With the relaunch of the ZDFmediathek, the broadcaster adapted its range of programs for a younger audience with its own unique usage patterns.

The non-linear program is also optimized for individual requests via smartphones and tablets and complements the ZDF-program by new related program packages and binge watching options.

Scalable Architecture and Simple Integration of Sophora

On a technical level, the Java-based Sophora platform supports ZDF’s extensive content platform with a scalable architecture, which separates between content management and content delivery, and brings with it high reliability.

Sophora was easily integrated into a new system landscape due to micro services and a central content service.


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About ZDF

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), is a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. It is run as an independent nonprofit institution, which was founded by all federal states of Germany. ZDF is financed by television license fees and advertising revenues.