YouTube Connector

YouTube Connector Add-on

Publish, update and depublish videos on YouTube with Sophora.

Sophora YouTube Connector: Schematic Overview
Sophora YouTube Connector: Schematic Overview (Image: subshell/CC BY)

The internal and external systems are responsible for preparing online-videos (such as videotaping, cut, transcoding), archiving and presenting them on YouTube.

Tagesschau YouTube Channel
Tagesschau YouTube Channel powered by Sophora YouTube Connector

Videos are administrated in Sophora with “proxy-documents”, which contain references on a file, stored in an external system.

After publishing the video document in Sophora, the module is in charge of tagging data and also for transferring it to YouTube. Updates are also possible.

Furthermore, video files on YouTube can be deleted as well with the module, if the related document in Sophora is offline or deleted, for example if the retention period is already elapsed.

Managing YouTube Publications in Sophora: Highlights

Highlights include:

  • Regulate the transfer of video files to YouTube
  • Setting up videos
  • Compile YouTube specific description
  • Compile YouTube specific categories
  • Update videos
  • Delete videos
  • Selection of a YouTube account
  • Use of the „pre-published“ status. By publishing a proxy-video-document in Sophora the transport of the video files will be activated. Because of the file size, the transport takes a while. During this time the status of the proxy-video-document is “pre-published”. Editors can’t change the status. If the video file reaches YouTube, Sophora will publish the video document automatically and will change the status of the document to “published”
  • Testing of dependence to avoid inconsistency, for example if a video file is referenced in several Sophora video documents
  • MP4-Tagging by using properties out of the Sophora document and the configuration files. It is expandable with Groovy scripting
  • Concurrent transport of several files
  • Configuration: deposit list, mapping, and configuration of used fields from Sophora documents
  • Error correction: Email notification; log file, recording the error code in the video document in Sophora, in this way searches and previews can be used
  • Monitoring via JMX
  • Robust stand-alone-Java-program


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