DASDING.de Focuses on Innovation with its Use of Sophora

Double use of Sophora at SWR youth radio station, Sophora's DeskClient and MobileClient are used for DASDING.de's website.

Das Ding website
SWR publishes the Das Ding website with the Sophora content management system

DASDING.de provides teenagers and young adults from Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate with music, news and information targeted to a young audience.

The radio station’s programming has approximately 500,000 daily listeners between 14 and 29 years of age and is also available as a livestream.

With the relaunch of DASDING.de, Südwestrundfunk is using Sophora CMS for the first time.

And concurrently, SWR innovates via DASDING.de. The online editorial team of DASDING.de was one of the first users of the Sophora MobileClient.

With the support of SWR, subshell has completely optimized the mobile add-on. An additional plus for the DASDING editorial team is that the MobileClient makes it easier to get started with Sophora and ensures for smooth mobile access.

We are happy about the new design and the modern CMS. As the first SWR portal to switch to subshell CMS, we emphasize the innovative character of DASDING.
— Alina Schröder, SWR, Program Director of DASDING

By flexibly integrating multimedia content, Sophora is the optimal basis for SWR content targeted at a younger listener.

The website was implemented in-house by the editorial and technical staff of the SWR.

The CMS Sophora offers a modern platform for the strategic development of SWR's online services. In cooperation with subshell, we are already developing innovations, such as the new MobileClient.
— Uwe Charissé, SWR, Head of Production and Creation


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DASDING is a youth radio station operated by Südwestrundfunk. It is moderated mostly by young people and is advertisement free. While playing a typical narrow rotation in the main hours, it also broadcasts alternative music genres during special programming during the evening hours.