ARD Teletext: News on Demand with Sophora CMS

Users can access all the latest news on demand, independent from the current television program.

News section in the ARD teletext
The Tagesschau publishes the news section in the ARD teletext with the Sophora content management system

For Sophora this is no problem, even with approximately 5.4 million teletext viewers per day (2009, source: GfK-Television Research).

In addition, the news reports for the teletext originate from Tagesschau's online editorial team. Sophora publishes a live ticker along with the news reports in ARD-teletext and the pages of Deutschlandtrend (Trends in Germany)using the unique Teletext module.


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Since 2001

About Tagesschau

Tagesschau is a German national and international television news service produced by state-run Norddeutscher Rundfunk on behalf of the German public-service television network ARD. The main edition of the programme is aired at 20:00 on Das Erste. It is also simulcast on several ARD-affiliated networks, including NDR Fernsehen, RBB Fernsehen, SWR Fernsehen, WDR Fernsehen, hr-fernsehen, 3sat, Phoenix, EinsPlus and ARD-alpha. It is also broadcast 24 hours a day via tagesschau24.