Import XML

Import XML

How to import documents using Sophora's import XML.

Import XML: Overview

An overview of importing documents using Sophora's import XML including the general structure of a Sophora import XML file.

Import XML: Properties

How to import properties, the primary characteristics of a document, using Sophora's import XML. Also, how to remove and protect properties.

Import XML: Childnodes

How to import childnodes using Sophora's import XML.

Import XML: Resource List

How to import a document which is directly related to one or more other document(s).

Import XML: Linking of Different Documents Within Sophora XML

How to link different documents within the Sophora XML using the attribute „externalID“.

Import XML: Referencing Existing Documents

How to link documents that already exist in the repository using Sophora's import XML.

Import XML: Protecting and unprotecting Documents

How to to protect and unprotect a document via the attribute „protectionInstruction“.

Import XML: Managing the Update Behaviour of Documents

How to use the Importer’s options to update existing documents e.g., removing childnodes or merging new and existing childnodes.

Import XML: Fields

How to provide meta-information about a document with the „fields“ element.

Import XML: Instructions

How to use Instructions to define actions that are executed when a document is imported.

Import XML: Multiple Documents in XML

How to import multiple documents within one XML import file.

Import XML: Importing Structure Nodes

How to import structure nodes and sites.

Import XML: Importing Nodetype Information

How to import nodetype definitions, default property configurations, default childnode configurations and nodetype configurations.

Import XML: Importing Users and Roles

How to import Sophora users and roles.

Import XML: Importing Categories

How to import categories.

Import XML: Importing Proposal Sections

How to import proposal sections.

Import XML: Mergeable Properties and Child Nodes

How to declare properties or child nodes as „mergeable“ for further handling in the Sophora DeskClient.

Import XML: Asking the user to release a document lock

How to make an import of a document “friendly” in case a user has locked that document, so that the user will be asked to release the lock in the DeskClient.

Import XML: Channels

How to activate or deactivate a document for specific channels.

Import XML: Programmatically creating Sophora import XML

The importer offers two modules to programmatically create and represent Sophora import XML.

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