UGC | Version 4

Image Uploads

The user generated content addon (UGC) allows your website to implement features like comments, votings, quizzes or form submissions.

If an  editorial department would like to organize a picture campagne for users, they can use the UGC. The uploaded user images will be stored in the UGC data base.

Show Images

There are different possibilities to list the images.

  1. the general overview with all images (for browser-editing only)
  2. the document overview with the number of (dis-)abroved images that belong to this document (for browser-editing only)
  3. the document overview with all comments that belong to a document (for browser and DeskClient)

Image Import to Sophora

The editor can upload the stored images by one click to sophora (with the button, wich you can see in red circle on the pic) or the image upload batch processing function.

+++ (Image: subshell/CC BY)

Editing Functions

Many of the comments functions are also available by editing images:

  • editing the title and the text of an image
  • (dis-)approve the images
  • writing a hint or setting a mark
  • use the batch processing function
  • filtering the images for example by category, status, marks or date.

Last modified on 10/16/20

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