UGC | Version 4


The user generated content addon (UGC) allows your website to implement features like comments, votings, quizzes or form submissions.

Searching for Forms, Quizze and Votings

In the Editor-UI, under the menu items Forms, Quizzes and Votings, you will find an overview of all documents for which at least one result exists. There is a Button "TeilnehmerInnen", which leads to the overview of all participants with the corresponding answers. For votings there is also the button Report, which leads to the overview page of the voting result.

Using the input fields "Search via Sophora-ID" and "Search via External-ID" you can search for documents. If a valid document for the ID is found, it will be selected.

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Create votings (DeskClient)

For votings there are two types available:

  • In a simple voting, one point is calculated for each vote
  • In a ranking voting the voting items are ranked by the user. For a correct evaluation, the total number of items that can be ranked has to be defined. For the evaluation the backend now takes the item ranked first and gives it the number of possible items to be ranked as points. The item that was ranked second gets one point less as the first and so on.

  • Set the type of the voting: simple or ranking
  • Create the voting items in the components tab
  • Set the number of votes each participant has (less than or equal to the number of voting items)
  • (Optional) Add a form reference

Last modified on 10/16/20

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