MobileClient | Version 4

Document Info

Learn how to access system meta information about a document.

For each document you can open a window which shows some meta information, references to the document as well as components used in the document. Additionally the default preview can be accessed in this window. The information is accessible via several tabs.

To open the window Document Info:

  1. Open a document.
  2. Click on the information symbol in the top right corner of the document's view.


  1. Click on the dot-menu icon on a document card (e.g. in search or on the components tab of a document)
  2. Click on the information symbol in the menu

General meta information

The first tab shows some system metadata.

The windows shows the following information:

  • Sophora ID: the ID you’ll work with.
  • External ID: an internal ID used for imports and similar.
  • UUID: a technical ID.
  • Created by: the creator of the document
  • Creation date: the creation date of the document
  • Modified by: the last user that modified the document
  • Modification date: The date this document has been last modified
  • Published by: the user that published the document
  • Publication date: the publication date of the document
  • Type: the document type.
  • Section: the optional area of the site the document belongs to.
  • Path: the path to the folder of the document.

Custom meta information

The Custom tab can be used to show properties of the document that are used to store metadata that is specific to your content. An example use case could be to declare specific IDs that are used in external systems to represent the same document (e.g. video encoding systems which hold data for a Sophora document representing a video), but it is completely up to you to decide what to show there. The specific restrictions what is possible and how to set it up are described on our administration page in the section "customMetaPropertyNames".


The References tab shows all documents that reference the document. If the document is not referenced by any other document, the tab will be disabled.


The Components tab in the dialog will list the component structure of the document. If the document does not use any components, the tab will be disabled.


If there is a default preview available for the document, a Preview tab will be shown in which the preview for the document will be embedded. It will show the last saved version of the document.

Last modified on 11/30/20

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