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Document Type

Learn more about the string field type "Document Type".

Document Type

A field to display the node type of the document.The field will always be read only. Clicking on the pencil icon on its right end will open the node type editor of that document type.

Document Type (Multi)

Using this input field, you can select any subset of your available document types. There are a few parameters you may use to configure the appearance and functionality of the input field:

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueRange of Values
Display all node typesIf checked, it is possible to select more node types, notably those which have no access authorisation available at the moment (those with the checkbox Granting Rights in the node type editor unchecked).falsetrue/false
Display paragraph box typesIf this box is checked, only the node types which are configured as valid copytext paragraph box types will be displayed. If this parameter is set to true, the parameter Display all node types will be ignored.falsetrue/false
Type filterSpecifies the node or mixin types, that a node type has to extend to be displayed in the list. If this parameter is not empty, the other parameters will be ignored.NoneA comma separated list of node type or mixin names (e.g. sophora-extension-nt:group,sophora-mix:document)

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