A Like for Sophora - youfm

The youth radio program youfm is interactive with subshell’s CMS.

YouFM website
Hessischer Rundfunk publishes the website of YouFM radio using the Sophora content management system

Via likes and dislikes, fans can have a say about the playlist on the youth radio programming youfm from Hessischer Rundfunk. The CMS Sophora ensures smooth implementation and a responsive design of the platform and app on all popular mobile devices. HR uses subshell’s EPG add-on to create and edit the radio program.

The website you-fm.de and the youfm app offer music, pop culture, information and videos for a young audience and are linked to five social channels. Fans can rate each song immediately. The diverse radio program reaches 80,000 listeners per hour and, as of the start of 2018, has an active community with 164,500 Facebook subscribers and 12,300 Instagram subscribers.

Thanks to Sophora, editors can publish current content directly from the platform to social channels. Inserting interfaces as well as importing and exporting program data is also child's play with Sophora. While in use for youfm, the subshell editorial system once again demonstrates its highest social media skills.


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About youfm

youfm is one of the radio networks owned and operated by Hessischer Rundfunk, the public broadcaster for the German state of Hesse.