Pop, politics and breaking news with SWR3

3.6 Million daily listeners: Sophora supports SWR3 online, Germany’s most popular radio station

Sophora accompanies Germay’s most successful radio, on-line.

SWR 3 website
Der Südwestrundfunk publishes the SWR3 website using the Sophora content management system

Pop at the top of the program

SWR3 is considered the pop music expert of Südwestrundfunk. With 3.6 million listeners, SWR3's 24-hour live programming is the most popular radio offering in Germany.

On the web, SWR relies on Sophora and brings music, news, short features and entertainment to the web, all via the subshell CMS.

App with desirable features

Radio on the go: SWR3's own app offers listeners the chance to create their own playlists and mixes of songs, features and news. In addition to a search function, there are podcasts, videos and a chat with the broadcast studio, all available in the app.

Due to popular demand, a radio alarm clock and a car play function are also integrated into the app.

The SWR3 app was named "App of the Year" in the category "Best Daily Helper" at the Google Play Awards 2020,

Sophora proudly supports ...

Best daily helper – this distinction could also apply to Sophora! SWR3's online offering is part of SWR's content platform, all based on Sophora, which the SWR operates with its own team.


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About SWR 3

SWR3 is the pop radio station of Südwestrundfunk (SWR). The program is produced in the SWR radio station in Baden-Baden. According to the Media Analysis 2020 Radio II, SWR3 has 3.60 million daily listeners. SWR3 is thus the No. 1 radio program in Germany.