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Sophora CMS leads into a cross-media future: TV contents are combined with web contents and retrievable in responsive design.

KiKA website
Kika publishes its website with the Sophora content management system

Successful relaunch for the German children’s channel. The website comes along in a new and modern design and offers an appropriate and modern platform for children since the relaunch in November 2014. In addition to the needs of children and adolescents media usage has taken into account for the implementation process.

Increased page impressions via smartphones and tablets have led to optimize the webpage for all mobile devices.

Sophora as the content management system of, ensures not only the responsive design of the website, but also a cross-media functionality between television and web content. Editorial processes, such as the automated comparison of program data, are being simplified.

The website pays particular attention to interactive services, images and videos on demand, which make the website’s handling easier for children.

A simplified navigation and an integrated search function increase the user-friendliness of for all relevant target groups. That’s why the website can already be used by the age of three.

The children’s channel, a cooperative project by ARD and ZDF, informs its visitors about several programs and provides videos on demand. Also games and ideas for arts and crafts are available on

By the implementation of KiKA-Community the web portal has developed a communication platform for users among themselves as well as between users and program planners.


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About KiKA

KiKA is a free, public, non-commercial television channel based in Erfurt, Germany. KiKA is a joint venture of the broadcasters ARD and ZDF. Its target audience is children and youth, and it is generally watched by children ages 3 to 13.