Sophora CMS Powers German Sesame Street Pages

In the virtual Sesame Street at KiKANiNCHEN it is open house all day long.

German Sesamestreet webpages at Kikaninchen
Kikaninchen publishes the webpages of the German Sesamestreet using the Sophora content management system

At the "KiKANiNCHEN" website and in the app you can visit the beloved plush stars with their unforgettable German voices at any time.

The CMS Sophora takes care of the delivery of the multi-media content; whether it is roommates Ernie and Bert at home, Cookie Monster and his cookie search, a visit with Grover, or “The Rubber Ducky Song”, you will find films, images, games and songs all at a click away.


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About Sesamstrasse

Sesamstraße is the German-language version of the classic children’s television program Sesame Street.