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ARD’s sport webpage, backed by the CMS Sophora, informs about news, reports, images and multimedia content from the world of sports.

Sportschau website
Sportschau publishes its website with the Sophora content management system

The Sophora CMS ensures the easy sharing of content and simultaneously supports content delivery in an adaptive design., available 24 hours a day, adapts to all popular smart phones (Android, iOS), as well as iPads and tablet PCs.

One of the advantages of Sophora is the integration of dynamic tables. The creation of dynamic tables is easy and allows the online editors to react quickly and flexibly to any sport news.

Sophora is modern and up to the demands of our editorial staff for whom it is necessary to react quicklyto news events  - a good feel for editors and technicians.
— Erik Felske, WDR, Director of the Editorial Department of


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About Sportschau

Sportschau is a German sports magazine on broadcaster ARD, produced by WDR in Cologne. The magazine started in 1961 In its Saturday' edition, the Sportschau shows a summary of the Bundesliga, whereas the Sunday edition reports on the latest events from various sports. Sportschau is aired on Das Erste and the regional stations.