Hessenschau Goes Mobile with Sophora CMS

At any time, at any place: With Sophora hessenschau.de enables mobile access to latest regional news from Hessen.

Hessenschau website
Hessischer Rundfunk publishes the Hessenschau website using the Sophora content management system

With its motto „Hesse continues watching“ the regional news portal “hr-online” of Hessischer Rundfunk was successfully relaunched using Sophora in the year 2015 under its new name “hessenschau”.

hessenschau.de presents regional and latest news about the state of Hesse in a responsive design and as an app and is therefore designed for all mobile devices.

The online offer hessenschau.de, including the hessenschau app with around 8 million visits, was again one of the most successful offers among the ARD news portals in 2018. (...) hessenschau.de recorded 725,000 visits on election day, making it the second best result since the offer was launched. The state election pages were visited well over a million times in total. (Translated)

Source: hr-Jahresbericht von 2018, https://download.hr.de/unternehmen/zahlen-und-fakten/hr-jahresbericht-2018-100.pdf


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About HR

Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) is the public broadcaster for the German state of Hesse. The main offices of hr are in Frankfurt am Main. hr is a member of the ARD.