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Kikaninchen with Sophora CMS

For the youngest among us, and the Kikaninchen-app offer child-friendly, interactive online material.

Kikaninchen website
Kika publishes the Kikaninchen website with the Sophora content management system

Kikaninchen offers children a protected and intuitively designed space in which they can play, learn, develop their own ideas and have their first interactive experiences.

Touching or blowing, shaking or clapping: If you want to control the preschool app of the joint children's channel of ARD and ZDF KiKA, you have to come up with something.

Sophora is behind the successful Kikaninchen offer, which was nominated for the Grimme Online Award in 2018.  

Since the relaunch in 2017, the online editorial team of the MDR has been able to publish their content on the web and in the app at the same time thanks to a special JSON interface.

Sophora ensures the best user experience not only for the editorial team, but also for the young target group: since the relaunch, the colorful, animated website has been optimally accessible on smartphones and tablets and enables voice and visual navigation.


Client / Project


KiKANiNCHEN is a German television program that is broadcast on KiKA. It is aimed at children ages three to six years.