Doctopia - A Learning Platform for Physicians

Aspiring doctors can network and exchange ideas on a new learning portal. is supported by subshell's content management system Sophora.

Doctopia portal
Doctopia's portal for doctors is based on the Sophora content management system

Doctopia has been founded by physicians as a cost-free learning platform based upon Sophora. The website supports budding physicians on their exam preparation and networking with other physicians.

The webpage offers podcasts and expert information, from doctors for doctors. The portal was developed by a team of doctors, designers and programmers with support of the subshell.

As physicians, we know that those who study medicine must adjust to tough exams and gain practical experience. Doctopia facilitates students with researching medical conditions and test content, and links them with experienced doctors (Translated).
— Dr. Matthias Schneider, Co-Founder of

The platform is financed by hospitals, which can make contact specifically with potential future employees and also offers an online exchange for the required practical year).

Sophora delivers all content as well as provides the associated user registration, log -in and user administration.

At the same time, hospitals via the webpage, can recruit young doctors for the practical year - thanks to Sophora, all services are extremely user-friendly, both for the user as well as for us as 'online doctors'.
— Dr. Philipp Lacour, Co-Founder of


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About Doctopia

Doctopia is a learning platform for medical students and medical practitioners,. The aim of the platform is to communicate important medical subjects in an understandable way. Furthermore, the portal provides opportunities to share and exchange experiences and information about training and further education.