Server 3

Server Guide

Learn more about Sophora's server infrastructure. The Sophora Server manages the entire content repository.


The Sophora Server is the heart of the Sophora CMS.

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Configuring the Sophora Server

Learn about configuring the Sophora Server and about its directory structure.

Using the Sophora Server

Learn how to use the Sophora Server.

Sophora Server Modes and Slaves

Discover the different modes in which a Sophora Server can run. You can also learn more about slaves and staging.

Archival Storage

Learn about Sophora's extensive possibilities of archiving old documents.

Sophora Server

The Sophora Server manages the entire content repository. There are three different roles a Sophora Server can have: Master, Staging and Fall-back.

Deleted Documents and Trash

Learn how Sophora handles the removal of documents.

Throttle Mode

When the Sophora server is under high load it can throttle certain background tasks in oder to still respond quickly to client requests.

Offline Document Indexer Guide

The offline document indexer provides a separate data base for providing smart redirects when clients request documents which are no longer online.

Recommended Live Configuration

Contains the most important settings for servers and deliveries to take into account when running Sophora in productive environments.

Sophora Backup and Recovery Tutorial

An overview how to back up and recover content within and with the help of Sophora.

Sophora Server: Activating the profile log

The Sophora Server can write detailled profile logs tracking all the requests and their durations

Replication and Synchronization

Replication and Synchronization

Sophora Linkchecker Guide: Version 3

The Linkchecker verifies the availability of the hyperlinks in link documents.

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