Sophora Indexing Service Add-on

Learn how to use the Sophora Indexing Service to integrate and synchronize an external SolrCloud.

Sophora Indexing Service Add-on

Connect a central search cluster with SolrCloud to Sophora.

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Introduction to the Sophora Indexing Service

Get an overview over the Sophora Indexing Service.

Installation & Configuration

Learn how to install & configure the Sophora Indexing Service.

SolrCloud: Configuring Indexes

Learn how to configure indexes in Sophora's DeskClient.

Indexing of Sophora Documents

Describes the Indexing process of Sophora Documents

Offline Collection

Learn more about managing an Offline Collection.

Migration Guide

Learn how to migrate from an embedded Solr to SolrCloud using Sophora's Indexing Service.

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