DeskClient 3

DeskClient authoring, administration and modules

All about the Sophora DeskClient.


The DeskClient brings pro content management to your desktop.

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Administration Guide

Within the administration view of the Sophora DeskClient, you can configure roles and users and manage all kinds of document types.

DeskClient Authoring Guide

All about the use of Sophora's DeskClient for the editorial department.

Developing Custom DeskClient Plug-ins

This tutorial describes in short how to develop custom Sophora DeskClient plug-ins.

DeskClient modules

Learn more about the Sophora DeskClient modules.

EPG Guide: Version 3

Find out more about the add-on Electronic Program Guide in order to create a program list including a built-in plausibility check.

Feed Manager Guide: Version 3

Search, read and import content easily from internal or external sources. This add-on quickly converts content from any XML-feed into documents.

Liveblogs Guide: Version 3

Learn how to edit and manage liveblogs in Sophora.

Multisite Plus Guide

With Multisite Plus the globally valid document model can be customized for web sites or parts of web sites.

Taxo Guide: Version 3

Learn how to use and integrate Taxo in Sophora and inform yourself about the benefits of the module.

Date Search Guide

Find out more about the module Date Search in order to search in your content by dates.

Chronicle Guide

Learn how to create and compile timelines easily with Sophora's add-on Chronicle.

Tiles Guide

Obtain further information on how to edit details of multiple components with Sophora's add-on Tiles from here.

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