Comprehensive Relaunch as an Agile Project

BR-Klassik: Sophora Makes Music

Bayerischer Rundfunk’s portal for classical, jazz, film and world music runs on subshell’s CMS.

BR Klassik website
BR publishes the BR Klassik website with the Sophora content management system

Beginning in 2017, enthusiasts of classical music, jazz, film and world music can enjoy the new multimedia platform of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. At, users can find reports, dossiers, music and thematic specials.

In addition, the current radio programming of the interactive, journalistically oriented portal “BR-Klassik” is available upon demand. The player for the current program can be found in the lower third of each screen. The responsive design allows for an easy and intuitive navigation.

Supported by Sophora, listeners can call up the BR-Klassik website on all mobile devices, as the new version is completely responsive.

The direct link to Twitter and Facebook ensures easy use for comments, likes and shares.

If you don't make music yourself, go to concerts and are otherwise a music specialist, the possibilities presented by the new website are the ultimate in teaching classical music. Or could at least become one. (Translated)

Quelle: Reinhard J.Brembeck : Amorevole – Der BR hat seiner Klassikwelle eine Webseite eingerichtet. In: Süddeutsche Zeitung. (Dezember 29. 2015).


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About BR-Klassik

Under BR-Klassik, Bayerischer Rundfunk presents its offerings in the field of classical music on radio, television and on the Internet.