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ARD’s Successful Website Faktenfinder Runs on Sophora

The ARD’s website "Faktenfinder" verifies news stories, uncovers false reports and fake news.

Tagesschau Faktenfinder webpage
Tagesschau publishes it's fact checking webpage "Faktenfinder" with the Sophora content management system

The ARD’s website Faktenfinder* verifies news stories, uncovers false reports and fake news - supported by Sophora.

Messages with false content, known as fake news, often spread rapidly, by sharing and forwarding on social networks. The ARD Faktenfinder enables a quick check of facts and figures, all on the basis of Sophora.

Users can search for keywords and check current news stories. The successful content disproves fake news with search results from the Tagesschau editorial team and offers background information on current topics.

The Tagesschau editorial team launched this innovative project in spring 2017 and implemented it via Sophora. With Sophora, the fact-finder website is seamlessly integrated into the’s existing website.

By using a uniform CMS, the 20-person strong editorial team continues to benefit from their proven work processes.

The messages from the ARD Faktenfinders are among the most widely read articles in the Tagesschau. The website already had 15 million visits during its start-up phase from April to August 2017.

During the G20 summit in July 2017, Sophora achieved record retrievals with almost 900,000 visits, which Sophora managed without any difficulty.

The service is also in intense use in the social networks under the label #faktenfinder.

*Faktenfinder: German, fact finder.


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About Tagesschau

Tagesschau is a German national and international television news service produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk on behalf of the ARD, the German public-service television network. Tagesschau is both the oldest and the most watched news program on German television.