Sophora 5: pre-upgrade checklist

A compilation of suggested preparatory steps for your Sophora 4 installation before initiating the upgrade process.

Removal of embedded Solr

  • In Sophora 5, the integrated Solr engine has been completely removed from the Sophora Server.
  • The Sophora Server itself no longer requires Solr, but Sophora Clients' queries are mapped to Solr and require an external SolrCloud.
  • Ensure migration to SolrCloud and the Sophora Indexing Service before initiating the upgrade. Refer to the Indexing Service migration guide for detailed instructions.

No support for LevelDB

  • Support for LevelDB as a JackRabbit repository has been discontinued.
  • Sophora 5 does not support LevelDB, which was previously used as an alternative repository technology for Staging Servers in Sophora 4.
  • If your Sophora 4 repositories used LevelDB, migrate them before the upgrade. Consider setting up an empty Staging Server and performing a full synchronization, which may take a few days for larger repositories. Utilize the recently synchronized Server as a template for replicating configurations across all other Sophora Staging Servers through a simple copy-and-paste process.

Database Binary Store discontinued

  • Support for Database Binary Store is no longer available in Sophora 5.
  • You must use a separate binary store in Sophora Server 5, choosing between the default file system Binary Store or the Cloud Binary Store.
  • If you used Database Binary Store or had no binary store before, migrate your binary data into one of the other options. A recommended approach is a full sync into a newly set up Sophora Server configured with a file System Binary Store during the upgrade to version 5.

Legacy categories no longer supported

  • Support for legacy categories has been discontinued in Sophora 5.
  • Utilize Enhanced Categories, modeled as select values, before upgrading to Sophora 5.

Additional Content Server (ACS) discontinued

The Additional Content Server (ACS) feature has been removed without replacement in Sophora 5. Update your workflows accordingly as ACS is no longer supported.

Linkchecker now a separate module

The Linkchecker has been transformed into an independent module, distinct from the Sophora Server. It is now implemented as a standalone Java / Spring application.

Last modified on 11/27/23

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