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Teletext scripts

To provide editing aids, tools and validation for teletext content, various scripts are provided.

To provide editing aids, tools and validation for teletext content, various scripts are provided. These scripts are available as Maven artifacts com.subshell.sophora.teletext:teletext-scripts-*.

Some of the scripts have to be adjusted to the actual node types or component groups used in the project.

The following sections briefly describe what scripts are required or useful aids in the context of teletext.

Solr scripts

  • Required: Indexing all individual numbers from slot ranges (e.g. 100, 102-104 will have to be indexed as 100, 102, 103, 104) - teletext_slots_ss and teletext_slotsForPages_ss.

Document changing scripts

  • Required: Controlling the "foreignSlot" flag on references on index pages - ControlForeignSlotScript.
  • Replacing special characters and/or empty lines in the integrated teletext editor field. - ReplaceTeletextCharsAndEmptyLines.

Validation scripts

  • Preventing that the same slot number is (manually) assigned to more than one document - NoDuplicateSlotnumbers.
  • Validating the data entered for diagrams - DiagramSizeValidation and DiagramValueValidation.
  • Preventing that references are flagged as "foreignSlot" on index pages if they have no controlling index page anymore - ForeignSlotFlagValidation.
  • Ensuring that only "real documents" (i.e. no document templates) are referenced from teletext documents - NoReferencedTemplates.
  • Ensuring that all documents referenced from index pages have in fact teletext-content - TeletextContentNotEmptyValidation.

Form field change scripts

  • Setting the height of the teletext text field for teletext fragments - TeletextFragmentChange.

Client scripts

  • Adding layout elements to index pages using a dedicated button - TeletextAddIndexEmptyLine, TeletextAddIndexManualLines and TeletextAddMultiSlotGroup.
  • Replacing a component on an index page by its newly created clone - TeletextReplaceIndexComponent.

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