Web App Framework | Version 4

Introduction & Getting Started

How to configure & install the Sophora Web App Framework


The Sophora Web App Framework can be used to create a custom web application with the Spring MVC Framework.

Getting Started

This part of the reference documentation will guide you through the integration of the Sophora Web App Framework into your web application project.

Maven Dependencies

All available maven dependencies for the Sophora Web App Framework are called com.subshell.sophora.webapp:<module>. You should at least use the Routing Module.

Create SpringBootApplication

@SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackages = {"com.subshell.sophora.webapp.example"})
public class WebApp {
 	public static void main(String[] args) {
 		new SpringApplicationBuilder(WebApp.class).run(args);

Client-Server Connection

You can either initialize the Sophora Client programmatically with the SophoraClientBuilder or configure the client via application.yml as follows (requires Spring Boot Sophora Commons):

        - "https://sophora.cms:1196"
      username: "admin"
      password: "admin"

Prepare Templating

Add a Thymeleaf dependency to enable dynamic templating:


Implement IRoutingModelMapProvider to feed your HTML templates with dynamic content which will be processed by Thymeleaf. See the Routing Module documentation for more information.

Last modified on 9/3/21

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