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How to setup a Facebook App

Learn how to create a Facebook App to embed content.

The Sophora Social Media Quote module uses Facebook's Graph API. To access Facebook's Graph API you need to have an "App". This gives you an access token which enables the Social Media Quote module to request data from Facebook.

Create an App

Log in to the Facebook Developer website and create an "App" if not yet done. See for the exact requirements.

When creating an App choose "Consumer" as type. Select an App display name that corresponds to the usage in Sophora and a contact email address. A "Business Manager account" is not needed. Under "Settings -> Basic" fill in all required fields: App icon, privacy policy URL, user data deletion, category and app purpose.

In "Settings -> Advanced" choose "Native or Desktop App" and save the changes.

Got to "App Review -> Permissions and Features" and select "Oembed Read".

Your App must have a platform for the compulsory App Review. Add it at the bottom of the page "Settings -> Basic". Since there is no option that matches our use case of Sophora scripts, you need to choose "Website". Although the web page does not directly call the API, which is done by the Social Media Quote while editing the document, the Facebook or Instagram paragraph of a Copytext can be seen on the website if published.

App Review

The Sophora Social Media Quote scripts use Facebooks oEmbed Read feature to embed Facebook content. To access the oEmbed Read feature your Facebook App must be reviewed. See for details what an App Review is and how to pass it. We provide some hints how to fill the App Review form (as of July 2021).

Start a review:

  1. Select your application in Facebook for Developers.
  2. In the menu select "App Review -> Requests".

Complete App Verification

In the App Review provide the requested information under "Platform Settings" for the website. You have to tell Facebook how to see the integration of Facebook quotes in your website. Create a corresponding Sophora document and publish it. Then provide a URL of that document.

Requested Permissions and Features

The Social Media Quote needs access to the oEmbed Read feature. If not already selected you need to "Add additional permissions and features" and add "Oembed Read" to App Review. You then need to describe how this feature is used. We provide an example:

The app retrieves information about a Facebook URL like the title and author name. When linking to that URL the additional information will be used to help the user to identify what that link is about. The embed HTML is used to provide access to that content. So a nice visual representation of the linked Facebook content can be created. The linked content is used to direct the reader to Facebook for further information.

To provide an URL embed a Facebook page as mentioned in the review screen (like in a Sophora document and publish it. The URL of the Sophora document can be used here for Facebook to inspect the result of using the oEmbed Read feature.

And obviously you need to agree that you use the data only for allowed usage.

Complete App Settings

Whatever is still missing must be filled out.

At the end click "Submit for Review" to let Facebook approve your App.

Last modified on 11/20/20

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