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Search Guide

Learn how to use and administrate Sophoras search features.

Search in Sophora's DeskClient

With Sophora's search function users can search for various terms, ID's and abbreviations.

Search Agents in Sophora's DeskClient

Search Agents automatically execute searches in the background and notify you of new documents found.

Searching in the MobileClient

Learn how to find documents.

Administrating Search

Configure Solr's relevance settings and the indexes for the embedded Solr.

Solr Relevance Configuration

Search results in a DeskClient can be ordered by relevance. The relevance of some properties can be boosted, making them more important than others.

Solr: Configuring Indexes (Embedded Solr)

You can create as many indexes in Solr as you need.

Sophora Indexing Service

More about Sophora's Indexing Service that connects Sophora to a SolrCloud search engine cluster.

Sophora Indexing Service

Learn how to use the Sophora Indexing Service to integrate an external SolrCloud.

Last modified on 3/25/22

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