Administration | Version 3

Administration Guide

Within the administration view of the Sophora DeskClient, you can configure roles and users and manage all kinds of document types.

Archived documentation for Sophora 3. End-of-support date for this version: 7/25/21

Documentation for Sophora 4

First Steps - The Administration View

Gain a general overview of Sophora's administration view.

Custom Document Lifecycle

The default document lifecycle consists of the in progress and published state, the corresponding offline states, and the deleted state.

Solr Search

You can create as many indexes in Solr as you need.

Yellow Data

Use Yellow Data to add custom information to documents without lock and state changes.

JMX Interfaces

All Sophora components support JMX. The JMX interface provides information about each component's state and allows for administrative actions.


Introduction to channels

Sophora DeskClient Installation Guide

In this guide we'll run you through the installation of the DeskClient application on your system.

Printing Documents

This section explains the necessary steps to be able to print documents from inside the deskclient

Scheduling Document State Transitions

Depending on the actual use case Sophora provides different solutions for scheduling document state transitions. These are summarised below.

Logging - Useful Logback Configurations

Logging - Useful Logback Configurations

Configuration Documents and Parameters

Get to know Sophora's different configuration documents, their purpose and the parameters you can use to set up the appearance of your DeskClients.

Work Environments

Define multiple work environments which your users can choose, so they have all the information they need at just a glance.

Managing Permissions, Roles and Users

Learn why and how to use roles, about all kinds of permissions, and configuring and managing users.

Triggering Document Actions using Web Applications

This section explains how external web applications can trigger document actions within the DeskClient.

Solr Relevance Configuration

Search results in a DeskClient can be ordered by relevance. The relevance of some properties can be boosted, making them more important than others.

Docker Images

Information about Docker images provided by subshell

Google Identity-Aware Proxy configuration

How to configure Sophora DeskClients to acess a Sophora Server behind an Identity-Aware Proxy.

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