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Prometheus Metrics Endpoint

Learn about the Sophora Server's integrated Prometheus endpoint to collect system and JVM metrics.

What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting solution and a de-facto standard in modern cloud environments. Prometheus can scrape applications and stores their metrics which can then be used in visualization applications (e.g. Grafana). More information on Prometheus can be found on the official homepage

Accessing the Prometheus metrics

The Sophora Server publishes the metrics under the configured HTTP port (1196 per default) and the path /prometheus, e.g.

Published metrics

The Prometheus endpoint contains JVM metrics and Sophora specific metrics. The Sophora specific metrics names start with the prefix sophora_server_ while the JVM metrics use the prefix jvm_.

Sophora specific metrics include for example:

  • number of logged in users
  • count and duration of API calls
  • current replication mode
  • current state

and more.

The metrics can be used to create visualizations and alerts based on their values. Internally we use the Micrometer Java library to create the metrics. In case you're using Grafana to visualize metrics you can use the free "JVM (Micrometer)" dashboard to see the JVM metrics. You can contact us if you are interested in a pre-defined dashboard for the Sophora server.

Last modified on 7/13/21

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