Release Notes | Version 4

Sophora Server: Update Notes

Instructions for updating from previous Sophora versions.

URL Handling

4.7.0Configuration can be adjusted before updating to version 4.7.0Starting with version 4.7.0, the Sophora Server has a new default implementation for composing and parsing URLs, which uses the URL components of the Sophora webapp-framework instead of requesting the deliveries.The new implementation can handle both Sophora document URLs and URLs for the Sophora Image Service. It also avoids HTTP calls to the deliveries and thus it's much faster.

If you want to keep the old behavior and use the URL handling from the deliveries, you can set the property sophora.url.use-url-library=false in the server configuration file.

Otherwise you should adjust the relevant properties for the URL generation to match your setup.
For more information about the properties, see the description in the documentation of the Sophora server configuration.

Archive Worker

Two configuration properties are removed:

  • sophora.archive.maxVersionsToGet
  • sophora.archive.delayMs

The new default value (and minimum value) for sophora.archive.maxVersionsToRetain is '20'. This ensures, that the archive worker can concentrate its work on documents with more than 20 versions.

Caching framework changed

The Sophora server used EHCache for some internal caches. With Sophora 4 Caffeine is used instead. Due to that some of the caching statistics available through JMX look different now.

Sophora Cloud Delivery (Access Tokens for sessionless Sophora Client connections)

In Sophora 3, access tokens are configured using the property sophora.authenticate.tokens in the file. Starting with Sophora 4, access tokens are an extension to a Sophora user. You have to manually assign the access tokens from the file to a Sophora user document. You can do this by opening the user document in the DeskClient's Admin View and add the token to the user.
Note that all access tokens in Sophora 3 are internally mapped to the admin role; however, it is advisable to assign them to less priviliged users in Sophora 4.


Virtual Properties

Field names for virtual properties indexed in the internal Solr contain slashes which makes them unusable with the fl-parameter. Solr Cloud uses underscores instead of slashes which fixes that problem.

"sophora-nt_stickyNote/sophora_comment_s": "comment" (virtual property in internal Solr)
"sophora-nt_stickyNote_sophora_comment_s": "comment" (virtual property in Solr Cloud)

Last modified on 4/21/22

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