Sophora Powers Tatort App

Watch Tatort on a smartphone or tablet. With a large amount of image and video material, the Tatort app gives viewers a real sense of the scene of the crime.

Tatort app
DasErste publishes the Tatort app using the Sophora content management system

The content of the official app of Germany’s most popular crime series comes directly from Sophora. Editors update the content management system with Tatort images and videos, and decide, via the playout channel “app”, which content to feature in the Tatort app.

One app feature that is equally popular among users and editors is Sophora’s Electronic Program Guide. The program guide delivers filter and sorting options for broadcasting dates, videos and cases.

Further highlights include the public viewing map, where Tatort enthusiast can find locations (such as pubs or restaurants) where Tatort is being shown, so that fans can view the series together.

And thanks to the app, users can even become investigators themselves. During live premiers on the ‘First German Television’ network, the chance to solve the crime and to guess the culprit’s identity appears, as potential culprits, motives etc. turn up gradually and parallel to the plot. Before the show’s resolution, app users can submit their hypothesis and see whether their theories were correct.


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Das Erste
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About Das Erste

Das Erste ("The First") is the flagship national television channel of the ARD consortium of public broadcasting corporations in Germany.