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Facebook Instant Articles at the Tagesschau

Due to Sophora’ flexibility, users of the CMS can quickly implement any new technology.

Facebook Instant Articles at Tagesschau
The Tagesschau publishes Facebook Instant Articles with the Sophora content management system was one of the first German media providers to publish their content as Facebook Instant Articles. The technology introduction was implemented by subshell on the basis of the Tagesschau use of the CMS Sophora.

How it works is simple. The editors of Tagesschau select the messages planned for Facebook Instant Articles and Sophora delivers the messages via a special RSS feed to Facebook.

With Instant Articles, Facebook offers media companies the option to increase the reach of their online content. When retrieving an Instant Articles link, mobile users will not be redirected to the site operator’s website as they usually are. Instead, the article will be retrieved directly within the Facebook app.

Since the contents of the media houses are stored directly on Facebook, the load times are therefore shortened when calling up an article.


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About Tagesschau

Tagesschau is a German national and international television news service produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk on behalf of the ARD, the German public-service television network. Tagesschau is both the oldest and the most watched news program on German television.