Sophora CMS for DasErste App

Videos, live streams, program information and recommend TV tips are, thanks to the app, retrievable at any time.

DasErste app
DasErste publishes the DasErste app using the Sophora content management system

Moreover, the app’s live streams offer a rewind option. Inside the online media center, the app includes various shows such as Tatort, talk shows, reports, movies, series, and magazines, all free of charge.

Videos are delivered from Sophora via a JSON interface.

The editorial department of Das Erste administrates all videos, images and TV tips within the app and releases them for viewing, both live and on demand.


Client / Project
Das Erste
www.daserste .de

About Das Erste

Das Erste ("The First") is the flagship national television channel of the ARD consortium of public broadcasting corporations in Germany.