Web App Framework | Version 4

Sophora Web App Framework

The Sophora Web App Framework can be used to easily create a custom web application with Sophora content.

Sophora Web App Framework

The Sophora Web App Framework helps you to easily create custom web applications using content from a Sophora repository.

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Introduction & Getting Started

How to configure & install the Sophora Web App Framework

Routing Module

Configuration and code examples for processing requests and generating HTML for Sophora documents and static resources.

Additional Components

This module provides some convenient servlets, filters and utilities.

Solr Client

This module provides a Solr Client which can be used for connections and queries to a Solr Server.


Covered issues for this module.


The Sophora URL Library.

Sophora URL Library Guide

Configuration and code examples to create and parse URLs for Sophora documents.

Part of

Sophora SDK.

Sophora SDK

Our Java-based SDK includes tools that give you access to all content in a Sophora repository and help you to develop web apps, apps, APIs and other solutions.

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