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Learn more about the childnode "File".

A File input field is designed to enable the upload of any kind of file. This field type operates only with childnodes of the type sophora-nt:binarydata, which is why you have to add that as a valid child node name in the childnode configuration. To enable the saving of filenames, configure document.file.saveFilePath in the configuration document. There are two parameters for a File input field. With both of them you can restrict what kind of files can be uploaded. If you do not set a value yourself, there won't be a limitation.

ParameterDescriptionRange of Values
Maximum Size (in kB)Configure a maximum file size in kB.Positive integers
ExtensionsIf you want to restrict the set of file formats that can be uploaded with the File field, you can list all permitted document extensions in a comma separated list (e.g. pdf,png,jpg).Any file extension

Last modified on 10/16/20

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