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Structure Node

Learn more about the reference field type "Structure Node".

Structure Node

With this input field type, you can select a single structure node. You can either write the structure node path down manually, or you can select one from the structure node picker by clicking on . You can open the selected structure node's editor by clicking on the pencil on the right. If you want to configure a default, you have to set the desired structure node's UUID as default value.
In the property configuration, you may choose to only enable sites to be selectable in the input field.

Structure Node (multi)

Provides a structure node picker, where you can select multiple structure nodes at once. In the property configuration, you can choose between different selection types, particularly concerning the recursiveness of the structure node selection. There are 5 options:

  1. Select recursive: if a structure node is (de-)selected, all its child nodes will also be (de-)selected automatically. It is possible to select all childs of a structure node, but not the structure node itself; there is also a shortcut in the context menu for that. It is not possible to select a structure node without all its children.
  2. Select recursive per property: First, use the field Property for recursive selection within the property configuration, to specify a boolean property within the same document. Then, if this property is set to true in a document, the behavior of the structure node picker will be the same as in 1. Otherwise, it will be as in 3.
  3. Select single: structure nodes have to be selected one by one, there will be no recursive selection at all. You can select all of a structure node's children at once via the context menu.
  4. Select single with recursive selection: if a structure node is (de-)selected, all its children will also be (de-)selected automatically (like in 1). However, you can deselect single child nodes, without their parent node also being deselected (in contrast to 1).
  5. Sites only: just sites will be displayed.

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