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Archived documentation for Sophora 3. End-of-support date for this version: 7/25/21

Documentation for Sophora 4

Entering multiple values


This input field can be used to enter multiple values which can be reused (tags). The values can be any text (words or phrases). This input field needs a backing system document in which all entered values are stored. Stored values are proposed when text is entered.

Additionally each backing document stores a list of words that should not be used. This denylist prohibits phrases from being entered in the text field. To move a tag to the denylist you can use the context menu. The context menu of each tag also allows the removal of that tag from the backing document.

  • Property type: String multiple
ParameterDescriptionRange of values
Taxonomy DocumentThe document in which entered phrases will be stored for proposals or deny listing.All existing taxonomy documents (system documents of the typ sophora-nt:enhancedTag)

Exporting & Importing Taxonomy-Documents

Taxonomy-documents can be exported and imported to base the tag list on an external source. Within the administration area editors with the required permission can select "Import..." or "Export..." to transfer lists.

Rebuilding A Taxonomy Document

A taxonomy document holds all used phrases entered in any document using this field. When this field is configured for the first time, you may already have values in stored documents for the configured property. But only when a document is saved the values will be stored in the corresponding taxonomy document. To fill the taxonomy document upfront with the values in existing documents you can trigger a rebuild of that document. A rebuild searches all documents which use the given taxonomy document and copies all values of the corresponding field into the taxonomy document.

A taxonomy document rebuild is trigger by a MBean via JMX. The MBean is located beyond com.subshell.sophora.RebuildTaxonomy. The MBean has two attributes and one operation. The operation rebuildDocument(externalId) starts a rebuild job for the given system document. If you don't know the external ID, you can look it up in the attribute Taxonomies. This attribute maps each external ID of a taxonomy document to its label.

The attribute RunningJobs shows all running rebuild jobs and their status. The rebuild has three steps: First find all documents which use the given taxonomy document, then extract existing values of these documents and afterwards adding all found values to the taxonomy document. The first and last step are relatively fast, but reading each document takes some time. Therefore the progress of processing the documents will be listed in the status text, for example:

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