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TableStar Teletext: Documentation

TableStar comes with its own plugin for subshell's Teletext Generator in order to publish TableStar content to the teletext.

Archived documentation for Sophora 3. End-of-support date for this version: 7/25/21

Documentation for Sophora 4

Important Nodetypes

The TableStar Teletext comes with some important nodetypes that are needed in order to render a teletext page of i.e. a match round.

sophora-sport-nt:teletextPageDocuments of this nodetype are the actual teletext pages which contain several settings and content that will be rendered.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextSubPageThis nodetype represents sub pages as component boxes that are included in teletext pages. Boxes of this type contain the actual content (references to match rounds or data tables) that will be rendered.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextMatchRoundComponentRefThis is the reference nodetype of sophora-sport-nt:matchRound that is used when referencing match rounds in the teletext sub pages.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextComponentRefThis is the reference nodetype of sophora-sport-nt:dataTable that is used when referencing data tables in the teletext sub pages.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextGenerationSettingsDocuments of this nodetype include the generations settings for a teletext page. The different settings and their impact on the resulting teletext page will be explained in the upcoming user documentation.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextColorSettingsDocuments of this include the color settings for a teletext page. The different settings and their impact on the resulting teletext page will be explained in the upcoming user documentation.
sophora-sport-nt:teletextColorTablePositionsRowThis nodetype is used in sophora-sport-nt:teletextColorSettings to specify a line color for special table positions in a rendered table of a match round (i.e. promoted and relegated teams).
Instructions on how to configure these positions and colors can be found in the upcoming user documentation.


In order to be able to have a preview of the TableStar teletext pages you will have to adapt your Teletext preview to render TableStar teletext pages.
To do so, check the sophora-sport-nt:teletextPage entry in the list of document types.

You may also have to add the site where your teletext pages are located.

Solr Configuration

Since the Teletext Generator comes with a custom Solr configuration called "Teletext_Live" that is used to find relevant teletext content you will have to adapt it to include the TableStar documents.
To do so, also check the following nodetype entries in the list of document types:

  • sophora-sport-nt:dataTable
  • sophora-sport-nt:matchRound
  • sophora-sport-nt:pointsAward
  • sophora-sport-nt:sortMode
  • sophora-sport-nt:sport
  • sophora-sport-nt:team
  • sophora-sport-nt:teletextColorSettings
  • sophora-sport-nt:teletextGenerationSettings
  • sophora-sport-nt:teletextPage

You may have to add the structure nodes where your teletext content is located as well. This does not only include the teletext pages themselves but also the match rounds, data tables and all other documents of the nodetypes above that are involved in the rendering of a teletext page.


The TableStar Teletext Plugin is a fully functional teletext plugin that can be integrated into your existing installation of the Teletext Generator as you would with any other plugin by simply putting the tablestar-teletext-plugin-<version>-shaded.jar into the lib folder of the Teletext Generator.
The plugin will then automatically be included after the next start of the Teletext Generator.

You will also have to adapt the pluginPackages in the application.yml of the Teletext Generator:

pluginPackages: ""

The plugin will only handle the rendering of documents of type sophora-sport-nt:teletextPage and won't intervene in the rendering of other document types.

Last modified on 3/9/20

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